I'm based in mid-Wales, near Brecon. I call myself a freelance documentary photographer because that's where my main interest lies; I particularly like to photograph people going about their everyday business, or to record the look of a place and its people. These things have resonance today if well done, but even more so in the future, when they might be lost or very different from the way they are now. 

I also have a small natural light studio at my home in Llangorse, which is ideal for formal and informal portraits taken in a comfortable atmosphere. I've had some wonderful and surprising results from it.

You might like to be photographed in your home surroundings on a special or perhaps non-special day. I love doing those great family occasions like weddings, birthdays, Christmas and reunions, but I also enjoy capturing the quieter moments in life. If you're interested, give me a call on 01874 658276 or email me at [email protected]